Alta 75th Anniversary Videos: History Runs Deep

Posted: December 26th, 2012 | Author:

Traditionally, Christmas only comes once a year. But, being that this is our 75th Anniversary, we dug into the Alta archives and pulled out some of the most classic footage we could find. The result? Five Alta edits featuring historic and potentially never before seen footage. That’s right, Christmas is coming five times this year. They’re not HD, they weren’t filmed with a RED camera and there were no fancy bells and whistles used in the editing process. Why? Because that just wouldn’t be our style. That wouldn’t be Alta. To know how Alta became what it is today, you need to know where it came from and what it was like as far back as 1938. From deep powder turns to ski school and old lifts to wood skis, these five edits will give you a glimpse back at Alta’s history like nothing else can. So, sit back, relax and enjoy this look back at Alta. Merry Christmas.

History Runs Deep from Alta Ski Area on Vimeo.

Remember, this is only the first of five edits. We’ll be releasing one per month for the rest of the winter. So, stay tuned here, to the MyAlta Blog, and to our YouTube Channel to make sure you’re getting your fill of historical Alta footage

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