Alta 75th Anniversary Videos: Alta Airtime

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We started gelande jumping at Alta in the late 1940′s. The boots were leather. The skis were skinny. And the airtime was huge. What is this gelande jumping that we speak of? Glad you asked.

According to Powder Magazine’s Jaded Local, gelande jumping is:

“The art of jumping for distance off nordic jumps with standard alpine gear. Without the huge skis and specialized floaty suits that nordic jumpers use, gelande jumpers have to make up for less lift with more speed. In other words, it’s way more badass.”

Granted, this is by no means the official definition of gelande jumping. But I think the Jaded Local does a nice job of putting it into perspective.

Naturally, Alta skiers weren’t okay with simply jumping for distance. They needed to add their own style and flair. Thus the huge front flip, the 360 gone bad and the attempted double backy that you’ll see in the video. These additions to the gelande jumping scene beg to question: Was gelande jumping at Alta the beginning of the freeskiing scene in Little Cottonwood Canyon? Who knows. But one thing you do know after watching this video is that Alta skiers knew, and still know, how to go big and have fun.

Alta Airtime-YouTube from Alta Ski Area on Vimeo.

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