Alta 75th Anniversary Videos: How To Ski

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Nobody knew how to ski, or teach skiing for that matter, quite like legendary Ski School Director, Alf Engen. From the snow plow to the parallel turn, he knew how to make it look and feel good. Don’t believe us? Please reference ┬áthe footage starting at 00:47 for proof.

In this Alta 75th Anniversary Video, we take a look back at how it has looked to learn the art of skiing at Alta. Naturally, the equipment and technique have changed, but the same personal approach featuring world-class instruction can still be found at the Alf Engen Ski School. Thinking it’s time to learn? Give us a call.

Oh, and did we mention we snuck in some sweet, deep powder footage at the end of the video? Watch and enjoy!

How To Ski from Alta Ski Area on Vimeo.

And just in case you missed the first two Alta 75th Anniversary videos, take a look below. Between these three, you’re sure to get your fill of historic Alta ski footage.

Alta Airtime from Alta Ski Area on Vimeo.

History Runs Deep from Alta Ski Area on Vimeo.

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