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I talked to a lot of people at the Boston Ski Show. The allure of free Alta stickers and the chance to purchase, or win, the ridiculously good deal that is the Mountain Collective Pass had east coasters coming by the booth in droves.

“I love Alta.”

“It’s my life’s goal to ski at Alta.”

“Skiing at Alta changed my life.”

Everybody had something to say. Even Jim and Marie Allen. They approached the booth quietly, picking up the sticker with care, a genuine smile spreading across their faces that could only be born from amazing memories.

“We spent our honeymoon at Alta back in 1977,” Marie said to me, her voice thick with nostalgia.

Alta Ski Area honeymoon couple

Jim and Marie Allen enjoyed their honeymoon at Alta in 1977.

The next 15-20 minutes proved to be the most memorable minutes of the entire weekend as Jim and Marie shared their Alta story with me.

They arrived at Alta for their honeymoon in 1977 with dreams of a romantic, powder filled week. Upon arriving, the reality was quite different as the romance was instead paired with unusually low snow. They made the best of it, exploring Alta and the terrain it had to offer for three days. The third night Ullr turned on the faucet and it started to snow. And didn’t stop. The canyon closed and for the next few days Jim and Marie enjoyed “the best skiing of their lives.”

Maybe it was the romance or maybe it was the snow, but Jim and Marie continue to return to Alta as much as possible despite currently residing in Newton, Massachusetts.

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