On The Lift With Chuck Mumford

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Have you ever noticed that besides the “deepest days of your life,” some of the most memorable experiences from your ski day or ski vacation happen on the lift? Maybe it was the long time local sharing his secret stashes or the Alta employee giving you the lowdown on the après ski scene. Or maybe still it was the conversation with the strangely dressed individual or that guy or girl who you later realized was a  pro skier.

Alta Ski Area On The Lift With Chuck Mumford

Mr. Chuck Mumford.

“On The Lift With,” is back for year two and our goal is still to introduce you to the people and personalities that make Alta the unique place that it is. Our goal is to ask them the questions that you’ve always wanted to but didn’t get the chance. What brought them to Alta? What do they do now? And what has kept them here?  Naturally, we’re doing it from the only place that makes sense – the lift.

This week, we took a seat with Pit Viper Founder and CEO, Chuck Mumford.

Why does Chuck feel that he’s been underrated in the ski industry for a while? Click play and find out.

On The Lift With Chuck Mumford from Alta Ski Area on Vimeo.



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One Comment on “On The Lift With Chuck Mumford”

  1. 1 peter bailey said at 7:52 pm on February 5th, 2014:

    While I love nearly all things about high-speed quads there are two things I miss:
    1. Having to spend all day at Alta to get in a full day of skiing, and
    2. the lost chairlift conversation: most people hardly talk at all on the chair.

    When a ride was 10-15 minutes, people probably felt more compelled to converse. Not much anymore.

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