Storm Chasing by Train With Hayden Price

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Words by Hayden Price

When I first heard of this train accessed trip I was intrigued.  We could obviously go to any of the locations via car or airplane, but what type of richer experience might we have going by train? We found that being in the safety of the train (not worrying about making the right turn or running out of gas) gave us time to soak up the views and even get some work done with help from the onboard Wifi.  People often looked at us funny getting off at random stops that passengers hardly use in the winter time.  The nostalgia of the old train style is held intact with all of the modern amenities available making for a relaxing and enjoyable ride.

Hayden Price Alta Ski Area Amtrak Train

Amtrak train station. Photo: Hayden Price

We really scored with skiing conditions on this trip.  It started out with skiing night pow at Great Northern Powder Guides in Montana. We had an incredible time playing around on their terrain and a few fresh feet of the soft stuff.  Our guide, Greg Fortin, then helped us access the goods skinning just outside of Glacier National Park.  He had a great knowledge of the area and I think he was stoked to show us new school skiers around his playground.

Stevens Pass is such a magical place and was our next stop on the adventure.  We got lucky with the rain turning to snow just before we arrived.  Skiing that epicly deep northwest snow was certainly a treat but did leave us soaking wet and was good reminder why most of us live in primarily dry and sunny climates.

Hayden Price Alta Ski Area Amtrak Train

Hayden sending it at Stevens Pass. Photo: Jordan Ingmire

Crossing the border on the train is really quite easy and much less of a hassle then crossing by automobile.  Once we made it up the incredible Sea-to-Sky Highway from Vancouver to Whistler we headed straight for the hot tub at our condo and prepared to ski one of the largest resorts in North America.  Whistler Blackcomb had just got over one meter of snow before we arrived and although the conditions were not what they had been at the other stops on the trip we found plenty of fun terrain and soft pockets of snow to goof around on.

If you don’t have a crazy tight time schedule, the train offers a unique experience that I think most people can appreciate.  We certainly enjoyed ourselves and it’s always good to try something new.  Big thanks to all that made this adventure happen!

Storm Cycles Teaser.

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