A Guy, a Girl, and a Vegetarian Devour The Alta Dining Scene

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Words by Brooke Gaynes

Skiing makes me hungry. Skiing world-class powder makes me voracious. Now I’m not saying that there’s anything wrong with brown baggin’ it with a PBJ once in awhile. But when phenomenal terrain is combined with exceptional dining, you know you are living well. The Alta dining scene offers quite a unique experience. My husband, our vegetarian friend (Dane), and I did some research to discover our favorite eats at Alta.

Albion Grill:
After graduating from the beginner hill, most of Alta’s patrons don’t find themselves at the Albion Base Lodge very often. It’s a damn shame. For Tim Evenden, serving food to Alta’s guests is a labor of love. You can taste the love in each bite. The homemade soups, cookies, and brownies will warm the soul (and frost nipped fingers). Evenden has spent years developing and perfecting the recipes for each of the items served. While we were at Albion Grill, hot, gooey chocolate chip cookies came from the oven, while the aromas of roasting pork (for the chili verde) wafted from the kitchen. Omelets slathered in the chili verde? To die for. Next time you find yourself skiing the backside at Alta, stop into Albion Grill before taking the tow rope back to Collins!

  • His choice: The chili verde
  • Her choice: mulligatawny (tomato based chicken, vegetable, curry soup)
  • Vegetarian choice: breakfast burrito with homemade salsa
  • Pro tip: Grab a bag of Tim’s famous granola on your way out!
Alta Ski Area Dining

Cookies! PC: Brooke Gaynes


Watson Shelter:
The view of Superior is only one aspect that makes Watson Grill special. Organic and locally grown ingredients take menu items to the next level. Jude Rubadue, General Manager of Watson Shelter, and board member of Utah Slow Food, knows that top ingredients are essential to any delicious meal. The carefully selected ingredients (from Morgan Valley Farms, Heritage Valley Farms, Cache Valley Cheeses, and Salt Lake Roasting company—just to name a FEW) create the fresh tasting meals. The burgers at Watson Grill are exceptional. I’m not a burger person — but I’ll make an exception for the burgers at Watson Grill. The locally raised, grass fed beef make the world’s best burgers above 8,500!

  • His choice: bacon cheeseburger
  • Her choice: homemade chili in bread bowl
  • Vegetarian choice (cheater meal): The Hypocrite (garden burger with bacon)
  • Pro tip: The cookies and brownies are homemade — treat yo self!

Collins Grill:
Whatever the special occasion (anniversary, friends visiting from out of town, countless face-shots down Baldy Shoulder), the tableside service at Collins Grill is marvelous. Study the delicately created menu featuring meticulously chosen ingredients as you enjoy homemade bread and roasted pepper hummus. Collins Grill features large entrees along with a great selection of salads. And the wine list . . .  don’t get me started! I’ll admit, I was a little skeptical ordering the caprese salad. I mean, how awesome can tomatoes be in March. But these tomatoes were meaty, juicy and flavorful. Once again, Jude Rubadue’s careful selection of produce pays off. Each of the plates we tried featured clean, prominent flavors of the ingredients.  Instead of hurrying back out to the slopes, we savored each bite of the Heart of Darkness chocolate molten cake (New York Times reviewed!). The chef is clearly doing something right to keep us inside on a storm day. We’re looking forward to returning with family and friends for Easter Brunch!

  • His choice: organic grilled swiss with cheddar ale soup
  • Her choice: caprese salad
  • Vegetarian choice: fresh vegetable pasta sauté
  • Pro tip: Take off those wet ski boots, and slide into the comfortable slippers. Your feet will thank you.
Alta Ski Area Dining

A nice spread at Collins Grill. PC: Brooke Gaynes

Alf’s Restaurant:
Famished from skiing laps down Superior Bowl? Needing to refuel but having a hard time coming in from the killer pow conditions? Skiing with four picky eaters? Featuring fast service with a variety of food to choose from, Alf’s is the place for all. Spence Spotts, Manager of Alf’s Restaurant, says that the only complaint guests have at Alf’s is that there are too many options on the menu. Hot sandwiches, soups, cookies, organic Yee-haw pickles from Park City, fries (the large size comes in a bucket), salads and burgers are just a few items on the menu.

  • His choice: chicken fajitas
  • Her choice: grilled cheese on sourdough (with bacon)
  • Vegetarian choice: Spinach, feta, walnut, and Craisin salad
  • Pro tip: Save your receipt for free refills on hot cocoa— and say “Hi” to friendly barista, Mark!
Alta Ski Area Dining

Mark the barista! PC: Brooke Gaynes

Goldminer’s Daughter Saloon: The lifts might be closing for the evening, but the party doesn’t have to stop at Alta. Billiards, a bar and cozy couches around the fireplace are a few reasons to stay up the canyon after 4:30. The Goldminer’s Daughter Saloon offers the perfect recovery meals after a long day of skiing. The menu features pizza, calzones, nachos and more. The perfect way to end another amazing day at Alta. Bottoms up!

  •  His choice: Pizza
  • Her choice: Pizza
  • Vegetarian choice: Pizza
  • Pro tip: Traffic backed up in the canyon? Grab a few friends, play some pool, and split a pizza while the canyon clears!

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