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People have been trying to describe Alta with the written word for years. They’ve carefully crafted essays, articles and posts with word counts in the thousands. Some have been successful in describing Alta. But others, and by others I mean most, have fallen short. But they didn’t fall short due to lack of effort. They fell short because they forgot about the old saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words” and how it rings true at Alta more than most places.

You could try to write about the sun rising and hitting Superior in the morning. But a picture would be better. You could try to describe what it’s like to ski the “Greatest Snow on Earth.” But a picture would capture it perfectly. And you could pen a pretty prose about enjoying a day of skiing with friends, but only a picture would do it justice.

Pictures capture emotion, action and beauty in a way that words can only hope to. From scenic shots and foodie photos to snow shots and family photos, ya’ll have been sharing what Alta looks like to you via Instagram. And you’ve been doing a damn good job of it, too. In fact, we’ve been diggin’ your photos so much that we want to recognize you for sharing it as well as share it with our audience. Besides, who better to tell Alta’s story through pictures than the people who ski it, live it and love it every day.

Which brings me to the main point of this blog post – Instagram. If you don’t have it, sign up for it and give @altaskiarea a follow. Then, the next time you’re at Alta and find yourself taking pictures, tag your Instagram shots with #altaskiarea. We’ll be looking for your shots and featuring our favorites right here on the MyAlta Blog every Monday. Why Monday? Because sweet photos have been scientifically proven to be the cure for your case of the Monday’s. In addition, we’re working on launching an #AltaSkiArea feed on our Facebook Instagram tab which will feature all photos (approved by us) that use the #AltaSkiArea tag.

To recap:

1. Sign up for Instagram.
2. Follow @AltaSkiArea.
3. Take awesome photos.
4. Tag #AltaSkiArea
5. Get recognized on the MyAlta Blog.

Ready, set, snap that shot!

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