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Alta on the Eve of Opening by Onno Wieringa

Alta on the Eve of Opening by Onno Wieringa

| December 1st, 2016 | By Onno Wieringa

Last spring we looked at the calendar and picked a November date to open. That projected date came and went as Mother Nature ultimately figures out when she wants us to open - accordingly she blessed us with almost 4’ of snow last week. Besides the new snow we had friendly winds and we will open Friday morning with more terrain than we have started with in several years.

A few folks have questioned why we aren’t already open and as always we respond that we are here to put together a quality ski offering that hopefully respects your time and hard earned money. We are glad other areas have opened some skiing so if your enthusiasm was overflowing you had somewhere to go. One last note on the goodness of the 44” storm – it gave all of the watershed decent coverage providing plenty of terrain for folks eager to hike, ski and board. Consequently, those users have shown respect for the mountain closure we have had for preparation – thank you for that. We wait as long as we can before we close, knowing Alta is a desirable pre-season hike.

If you have a slack moment, you might look at under “The Mountain” and read our “Alta Fine Print & Info Policies” that tries to give information about things like uphill travel, drones, and sports other than skiing – tubes, snowboards, etc….there’s nothing new, just good snow things to know.



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