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Gordy Alcott

Gordy Alcott

| March 4th, 2017 | By Onno Wieringa

March 2, 2017


A long time between blogs can mean different things – in this case it means I have been busy helping deal with all of the great snowfall as well as helping Mike Maughan work on his transition from CFO and his selection of the person that will help him by being Alta’s Operation’s Manager. That decision is close to being announced.


Late last month one of our long time Alta characters, Gordy Alcott, passed away. Gordy was a part-time patroller when I started on the patrol in 1972 and, as the included late 30’s picture shows, was one of the four original Alta Ski Patrollers. Starting left is Tom Foley, Harold Goodro, Gordy Alcott and Dave Sheldon. Gordy helped us and inspired ski patrollers into the 21st Century.


Now to one of my long-time favorite subjects – Mountain Transportation Solutions. Once Utah Transit Authority (UTA) got transportation fairly well established in the valley and turned their attention to mountain transportation planning, Mountain Accord came into being as a way to address transportation, recreation and watershed protection in the Cottonwood Canyons. Mountain Accord is currently fluttering in the wind as politicians decide a good way to take all of the great work already completed and move it forward. Grid lock and congestion on mountain roads is a serious quality of life issue for most everyone living in the Salt Lake Valley – beyond that it is often the weak link in the experience of all the folks that come to Utah to recreate and consequently spend money to support our economy. With any growth projection you care to use, this problem needs to be addressed or our all mountain travelers will suffer.

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