24hr Snow:1"/3cm
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3 Day Off-Trail Workshop
Line - terrain - Snow ! Defining great skiing... Redefining yours!

Alta Performance Ski Camps
A progressive approach to coaching expert, all-mountain skiers in a three-day camp packaged with lodging.

Jumpstart the Season
An early season workshop designed for strong intermediate to advanced skiers seeking a learning experience to reconnect and rebuild skills needed to ski more of Alta's great snow and terrain.

Alta Lodge Powder Tracks
A unique ski program that makes it easier, faster and more fun to learn to ski Alta's famous powder snow with an experienced pro from the Alf Engen Ski School. Powder Tracks makes it possible for intermediate and advanced skiers to move to the next level of expertise. Go to altalodge.com for reservations.

Alta Ladies Day
Reach your fuill potential in an atmosphere that is fun, uplifting and motivating. Ladies Day takes place on six Thursday mornings for advanced-intermediate to expert women skiers.

Alta Lodge Women's Camps
Ski with women instructors in a fun environment where you can challenge yourself, improve your technique and meet some new ski buddies. Reservations are made through the Alta Lodge.

Alta Lodge Women's Camps
A women’s all inclusive three day ski camp designed for the advanced to expert off–trail skier who is looking for a challenge and the camaraderie of being with other women who share their passion for skiing. Reservations are made through the Alta Lodge.

Alta Lodge Women's Camps
Come join us for two days of outrageous skiing at Alta and Snowbird! April brings some of the finest skiing of the season in Little Cottonwood Canyon, and this is a fabulous way to explore the best of it. Top women guides from Alta and Snowbird will accompany you for two days of challenge and fun featuring the greatest snow on earth!