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Alta Performance Ski Camps
Alta Performance Ski Camps (APSC) serves the needs of both the aspiring and thriving expert skier. Our three-day camp, packaged with lodging, and condition specific demos creates the ideal environment to improve your performance. We focus on the development of all-mountain ski tactics and techniques in order to increase your performance on expert terrain.
APSC is for advanced to expert skiers ages 18 and up who are ready to take advantage of the world class terrain and snow of Alta and Snowbird, the best "classroom" in the world. The camp's progressive approach to coaching utilizes off the hill time as well. We will inform you about the fundamentals of expert skiing and its sport specific demands so that you have the tools you need to take your skiing to the next level of performance.
Coaching will be in a 2:8 group ratio. We will emphasize all-mountain ski tactics and techniques. Also included is alignment and functional physical evaluation by a biomechanics expert, video analysis of your skiing, plus two indoor evening presentations designed to compliment what we practice on the snow each day. By the end of the camp you will not only be skiing with greater efficiency and confidence, you will know more about skiing and how to prepare for it.
Dates: December 7-11, 2014 (packaged with the Alta Lodge*)
February 22-26, 2015 (packaged with the Alta Lodge*)
March 22-26, 2015 (packaged with the Alta Lodge*)
*see altalodge.com for pricing information
Skiing Ability: For advanced to expert skiers.
The four-night, three-day camp includes:
  • three days ski coaching
  • 4 nights lodging with full breakfast and dinner daily (lunch is additional)
  • dry land training sessions
  • two days Alta lift passes; one day Alta-Snowbird lift pass
  • three days demo skis
Outcomes of the system include:
  • Reading the terrain and conditions for ideal line selection
  • Skiing an entire line without interruption
  • Learning how to use your skis in different snow conditions
  • How to use turn shape to attack the hill, yet maintain speed control
ASPC believes that its guests are also athletes aspiring to lofty goals. They want to help you feel the stoke that comes from achieving a new level of performance in the exciting all-mountain environment. Please join us this winter.
Registration: Go to *altalodge.com
Alf Engen Ski School
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FAX: 801-799-2340