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Future Plans
Alta Ski Area (Alta) recently submitted a Master Development Plan (MDP) Update to the Forest Service (FS) for their review. The MDP Update is a requirement of our Special Use Permit and is a dynamic and comprehensive planning tool that provides the long-range conceptual framework for the development of the ski area.
The MDP Update:
  • Serves as a flexible tool for determining the general location, nature, scope and timing of the development of facilites.
  • Is an instrument for recording - 1) already built; 2) approved but not constructed; and 3) future planned facilities.
  • Considers capacity and plans for a balance of facilities and services.
  • Provides a strategic vision for the resort in terms of market niche and architectural character in a way that integrates National Forest management objectives.
  • Covers all of the integrated resort, private and FS land.
  • Makes information available for State and local government long-range planning.
MPD Update Acceptance:

The Forest Service evaluated our requests relative to the Forest Plan for compliance and to ensure that critical resource and social issues were addressed. Concurrence by the Forest Service for the vision outlined in the MDP Update leads to the document becoming part of our Special Use Permit.
  • Acceptance does not allow projects to be implemented nor does it create an obligation for future FS approval of specific projects.
  • The accepted MDP Update serves as the FS's starting point in reviewing project proposals prior to project level analysis, under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA).
At the end of the review process the FS issued a decision outlining projects they would accept into our MDP.
Project Review/NEPA Analysis:

From our accepted MDP, Alta can package a group of priority projects that we would like to implement over the next several years and submit them to the FS for analysis, consistent with NEPA. The NEPA analysis will look at all aspects of each priority project and includes a public/skier involvement component to make sure all issues are identified and considered. Alta is currently in this step of the process and it can take from 4 to 18 months, depending on the level of complexity and the potential impacts of the proposed projects.

When the NEPA analysis is complete, the FS will issue a Decision. At the end of all the steps, Alta will have a list of approved projects and at that point, can proceed with final and technical project planning and implementation
Alta's MDP request is available for download in PDF format by clicking HERE!