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SKE-COLOGY was founded in the 1990s in partnership between the US Forest Service and Vail Mountain Resort,  piloted with Alta Ski Area. The program was originally designed to be utilized by ski school groups and beginner skiers to help educate youth about mountain ecology. Today the program has been expanded to include summer hiking trails and correlated to K-12 Utah Core Curriculum Standards. While exploring Alta, visitors, students and educators may take the time to learn what makes our mountain special and natural.

Trademarked SKE-COLOGY, we took the opportunity to revamp the program to read more specifically to Alta’s ecology.  In doing so, we kept the vision of the original SKE-COLOGY program and framed the updated version to be easily replicated by any other ski area or park throughout the nation.  Now the program can be customized to reflect the endemic wildlife of any state or mountainous region while maintaining the message and nomenclature of subjects in watersheds, recreational etiquette, conservation and more. We have the entire program (except for the slopes and snow) available for download. 

SKE-COLOGY Self-Guided Winter & Summer Brochure
SKE-COLOGY K-12 Utah Educator's Handbook

Educator Workshop

Summer Workshop

Teachers are the students first
Join the Utah Society for Environmental Education (USEE) for a first-hand tour of the SKE-COLOGY program at Alta. Workshops are held in the winter (on skis) and in the summer (on foot)  and are coupled with Project Learning Tree or other local environmental education curricula.  K-12 Utah teachers can also receive 0.5-hour Utah State of Education (USOE) credits or 7.5 relicensure hours.  To read more about our workshop, visit USEE's blog or to register for the next workshop, contact USEE.

Next Workshop Friday-Saturday, April 1 (5-7:30pm) -2 (9am 12:30pm).  Register Today!

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