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A Man and His Chinook

A Man and His Chinook

| March 19th, 2015 | By Joe Johnson

Parked at the far north end of the Wildcat parking lot, the retro Chinook camper stood out like a beacon of ski bum supremacy. Already on my way to the Peruvian Bar for apres, I figured I might as well stop by and get to know this person that was livin’ the dream.

The owner of the Chinook was Bruno Lamarre. A resident of Quebec, Bruno, now retired, makes the pilgrimage to Alta every winter to ski the “Greatest Snow on Earth.” While Bruno makes the pilgrimage via airplane, his Chinook, which he hasn’t named yet, lives permanently in Utah.
older man sitting in the back of the RV Chinook smiling in the parking lot of Alta
Upon arriving in Utah, Bruno takes up residence at an RV park near the mouth of the canyon, commuting to Alta or to the Little Cottonwood Canyon backcountry to ski nearly every day. Since he started his winter driven routine he’s logged about 100 ski days every winter.

When I asked him why he returns to Alta year after year when he has the opportunity, and the means, to go anywhere, Bruno simply said, “Because it’s the best.”

Keep on living the dream, Bruno. And let us know when you finally give that Chinook a name.


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