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An Insiders Guide to Alta Ski Area

An Insiders Guide to Alta Ski Area

| December 19th, 2017 | By Connie Marshall

Written by Jesse Weber for RootsRated Media

Where to go first: Take Little Cottonwood Canyon’s Highway 210 all the way to Albion Base. The adventure begins from the lifts just behind the ticket building, so get your passes and rentals here. You can also check into a two-hour ski lesson with the Alf Engen Ski School, or check the kiddos into daycare. To fuel up in the morning try the breakfast specials at the Albion Grill or stop by Alta Java for a hand-crafted coffee and a pastry.
Where to warm up: Time to hit the slopes. Hop in line for Sunnyside lift and ride it up for your first chance to sit and take it all in. The starting point for beginners is the Crooked Mile, which cruises back down to the bottom of Sunnyside. Intermediates should warm up on Blue Bell or Race Arena. Experts should take Vail Ridge. All of these set you up to lap Sunnyside lift until you are sufficiently warmed up and ready for the rest of the mountain.


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