"Snow and"

What makes Alta special? Introducing the "Snow and" series.

Alta is known for its legendary snow and incredible terrain, but there is more to this place. Much more. This video series is dedicated to those who make Alta so special.

The "Snow and" video series aims to highlight special characters that call Alta their home. Everyone has a unique story to tell and we are excited to share those stories with you. We hope that you feel inspired to share you story with us in the section at the bottom of the page. They came for the snow, and this is why they stay...

Episode #1: Zoe and Pep Fujas

In our first episode of the series, we meet pro skier Pep Fujas, and find out why Alta is special to him. Pep wound up at Alta by chance. After falling in love with the place, Pep decided he would continue to come back, and share that love with another love. His daughter, Zoe.

Episode #2: Lucy and Dave

The snow may bring Alta skiers here, but the Alta family is what keeps many of them coming back. Here is our newest, and furriest addition to the family. Check out this episode with Lucy the patrol dog and her handler, ski patroller Dave Kelly.

Episode #3: The McLoughlin Family

There is a recurring theme of “family” at Alta that is hard to ignore. In our third episode of the “Snow and” video series we meet the McLoughlin family. They have literally been calling Alta "home" for the last 17 years and have raised their family right here on the hill.

Episode #4: Roni

Growing up Veronica or "Roni" heard her parents reminisce about their experiences at Alta during the 60's and 70's. After college she decided to move out and see for herself. Roni has since called Alta her home for the last 7 years, working in the Rustler Lodge, managing the Saloon at Goldminer's Daughter and now working in Alta's Wildcat ticket office. She came for the snow, she stayed for the community.

Episode #5: Onno

The 5th and final episode of the "Snow and" series. In this episode we meet Alta general manager, Onno Wieringa. Onno arrived at Alta Ski Area in 1972, landing a job as ski patroller by day and Rustler Lodge bartender at night. After 5 years on patrol Onno was promoted to snow safety director, serving under Alta's second GM, Chic Morton. In 1988 Chic was ready to retire, and called on Onno to take the reins. Now, after 45 years, Onno will be retiring, leaving behind an incredible legacy for Alta to emulate for years to come. Onno came for the snow. His passion and love for this place kept him here.

Share Your Story

We know many of you have your own special experiences with us and we would love to hear from you. From marriage proposals, to generations of Alta skiers, to lifelong friends being made, share your Alta story us.

Bruce Sherman

April 20, 2017

After my first Alta experience over 40 years ago...back when the day ticket was $7.50...I decided we were moving here from CT after retirement. I found the Wild Old Bunch and a great guy named Lee Wilson shortly after we moved. Together, Lee and I made first and other tracks all over Alta...the best ski days of my long love of the sport. Now...age 86... I'm scheduling a knee replacement so I can keep skiing Alta 'til I'm 100!

Eileen Vestal

April 17, 2017

For years I have "skiied after three", a program that fits. I'd leave my job teaching at-risk kids, (stress) and be on the slopes by 3 for an hour and a half of head-clearing bliss! Thank you for making it affordable.

Phillip Gilbert

April 14, 2017

My story starts about 20 yrs ago when I first came to Alta. I am an east coast skier, thinking I was a great skier and then I meet Alta. Alta is a place where you can lose yourself and find yourself in a week. The fresh air, the powder and the mountains. I have met so many new life long friends from all over the world. They always come back to Alta and for one week a year, I see them and find my inter-self. This mountain,I call my second home, it's where you can release all your energy and be successful You can look back at your line and be amazed what you have accomplished and then rejoice with friends and share your experiences together! There is no other place I would rather be than right here at Alta! Cheers!

Nancy Gammons

April 14, 2017

My husband and I began our yearly pilgrimage to Alta from our organic farm in California in 1987. We would save all year and then take two weeks off in January (my birthday month) to ski everyday at Alta. We are in our seventies now, and would like nothing better than to treat our grandkids to the Alta experience. After skiing Alta, nothing else compares. Thank you for the treat of my life.

Ann Keiser

April 14, 2017

With very few interruptions, I have been coming to Alta for 30 years with my husband and various family members. In January, 2017, I celebrated my 60th birthday at Alta. The snow conditions were extraordinary! Although we saw very little sun during our week, I did take this pic one afternoon in Catherine's Area. I got lucky!

Bill O'Brien

April 14, 2017

Dear Onno,

You have provided selfless stewardship for one of God's great gifts.
Good luck for whatever lies ahead. Montana calls. Go now!

Respectfully yours,


Pam Smith

April 14, 2017

I've been skiing at Alta, every year since 1999. I have met so many wonderful friends skiing there, and for every friend from the east I've introduced to Alta - it very quickly became their favorite place too. Although my 2 weeks of time share is at Snowbird, Alta remains my favorite place to ski. At Oktoberfest 2013 I got the chance to drive up and then hike up to Cecret Lake, it's a beautiful place in all seasons. This picture is one of my favorite memories of Good Friday at Alta - One of the best things about Alta -- is "Anything Goes!" Being yourself and always have fun is easy at Alta !

Jill Woolley

March 19, 2017

I grew up skiing Colorado first at the age of nine. A Kansas girl, I'd make my way out west every chance I got to hit the slopes later moving there to begin my career. Fast forward to the day I met Pat. Before saying yes I said "I will only marry you if you learn to ski." So it was off to Alta we went where I tried to teach him to ski, and we joke is where we got in the biggest fight of our marriage. That is where the Alf Engen Ski School saved our marriage and where Pat inherited his new nickname "Ski School Pat." We first visited in 2000, fell in love with the epic snow and the wonderful people of Alta. We have visited here every year since that first day. We now have two kids that learned as soon as we could get them on skis in the Alf Engen ski school. Shelly Wedge started our youngest on skis, and we feel is now part of the family. We visit here every year and bring as many of our Kansas City friends as we can. This photo is from our latest trip where we took off our skis to hike in to Catherine's with Shelly for the first time. That day we skied six hours HARD and had our best day yet. We look around the resort many times at the inspiring seniors that make Alta their home and think "yes, that will be us some day."

Hannah Whitney

March 15, 2017

Alta magic sums it up pretty well. It's hard to believe that I moved to Utah nearly ten years ago, and Alta was the first place I knew I belonged. I experienced skiing here for the first time during the incredible 2007-'08 season (Ahem, over 700 inches!!! So naturally my first ever job at a ski area was working at Watson's Shelter. This first season I learned the true definition of 'country club' and I was hooked. While snowfall has ebbed and flowed, my experiences have just gotten better and better. I have met some of my closest friends at Alta, and felt like I've been able to make a difference in my community through working with the amazing nonprofit SheJumps ( and the Alta Environmental Center. For almost 10 years there hasn't been much of a question about where you can find me on a weekend in the winter. Through ups and downs and everything in between, it's been my place and I'm so thankful for that. Snow + Community = LOVE! Cheers...

PJ O'Shea

March 15, 2017

I first experienced Alta 12 years ago on a guys trip for a friends 40th. Have made it 11 of the 12 years since. Subsequently took both both of my daughters for father daughter trips for their 12th birthday and got to meet a great instructor/guide Arthur Haskell. My whole family and many friends have now skied with him. This year was our first year with season passes!!!

Mitchell Brower

March 8, 2017

I love that I can come up on any given day and find friends to ski with on the iconic Wildcat Chair. It is always open on powder days when others are not. I can count on deep snow, no crowds, and great friends at Alta!

Tyler Peterson

March 5, 2017

Alta is home. I grew up near the mouth of the canyon and at 3 years old It was the first place I found skis on my feet. (Thanks to my parents of course) Because skiing is such a big part of my life I think I will always have a special bond with Alta. It's been such a constant no matter what is happening in my world, or the world at large. It's a special place for a lot of people, for a lot of reasons. . For me... it's home.

Kevin Brower

March 5, 2017

Having grown up on the Snowbird ski team I never made it up to Alta very often but for the last decade it has become my home mountain. This year I was very excited to teach our 3 year old boy (Beck) how to ski. After practicing in the back yard a few times he was ready for the next level. We told him we were going to go ski in the mountains, but on a little mountain that he could learn on. During the drive up LCC he was looking out the window in silence and I could tell he was getting pretty nervous... Looking at the steep rocky canyon walls he said "I don't see any Beck mountains" After watching my ski videos and constantly hearing about skiing his little mind thought we were going to ski some pretty big mountains! As we pulled up to Alta he was delighted to see other people skiing on the smaller mountains. We had a great day on the rope tow and Beck caught the vision. Now he refers to Alta as the Beck sized mountains.


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