Summer Wildflower Photography at Alta Ski Area

and Permits

While we all love the beauty of the wildflowers of Alta, it’s important that we are respectful of nature.

film & photography permit info for large commericial projects.

While we all love the beauty of the wildflowers of Alta, it’s important that we are respectful of nature. Wildflower photography is one of the most popular activities during Alta’s summer months. In order to regulate the trails while being good stewards of the environment, the Salt Lake Ranger District asks that film/photography permits are obtained for large commercial photography and film projects.

A film/photography permit may be required for large commercial projects. Please reach out to the Salt Lake Ranger District to inquire whether or not a permit is needed for you. Please contact Ben Kraja at 801.733.2660 or All permit money goes directly back to your Wasatch National Forest.

There is no roadside parking allowed on the Albion Basin Summer Road. All vehicles must park in designated parking lots only. Illegal parking may be fined. All vehicles that drive up the summer road are required to pay an amenity fee. The fee booth at the entry to the summer road is staffed from 7am–8:30pm and vehicles are limited based upon available parking. Self-pay at the fee booth is required between 8pm–7am, and available parking is not guaranteed during these hours.

All permits issued by the Forest Service require the permittee to stay on designated roads and trails.

Trampled flowers are not designated trails.

Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest Commercial Filming and Still Photography Permits

Applications are accepted year-round at all Ranger District Offices.

How to Apply

  • Review the application checklist. insurance requirements and fee schedule.
  • Contact the applicable Ranger District Office for proposal review.
  • Complete and submit the Permit Application with all required information a minimum of 10 business days prior to planned filming or photography dates.
  • Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Application Checklist

  • Contact the applicable Ranger District Office for project proposal prescreening.
  • Complete and submit a detailed Permit Application a minimum of 10 business days prior to the proposed start date, to include the following:
    • Detailed map of the proposed project site and area, available here
    • Certificate of Insurance
    • Operating Plan

Other Considerations

Commercial filming in congressionally designated Wilderness Areas requires meeting additional criteria. Contact the local Ranger District Office for details.

All applicants will be charged the minimum $130.00 application fee regardless of final approval. (This fee does not include applicable filming/photography land use fees and monitoring fees).


  • Student filmmakers/photographers are required to pay the application fee.
  • Land use rent may be waived if students produce a letter on letterhead from the educational institution stating that the project is a class requirement and has no commercial value.

Insurance Requirements

  • One (1) Million General Liability is required, submitted on ACCORD 25 2010/05form.
  • If aircraft is involved, the Minimum Coverage Amount is $5 million.
  • The Certificate of Insurance and the Insurance Policy Endorsement must show the “United States” (not “US Forest Service”) as additionally insured. The certificate AND the endorsement page must be submitted to the District Office either with the permit request or immediately upon approval of the request, before activities commence.
  • The following clause must also appear on the face of the certificate and on the endorsement page of the certificate: “It is understood and agreed that the United States of America, Uinta-WasatchCache National Forest, U.S. Department of Agriculture, is additionally insured solely as respects liability arising from operations of the name insured.”
  • The Certificate Holder for filming occurring on the Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest is:
    • USDA Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest
    • 857 West South Jordan Parkway, South Jordan, Utah 84095-8594

Download the permit application