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About Alta

About Alta

Welcome to Alta, an independent ski area and family-owned since 1938. Alta is proud to be a ski area and not a ski resort. Nestled at the top of Little Cottonwood Canyon deep in the Wasatch mountains, Alta is known around the globe for its powder skiing. With an annual snowfall average of 547” powder days are a way of life here. It’s a magnetic way of life that draws the same employees and guests back to Alta’s community each winter.   

Come for the skiing. Stay for the skiing.

About Alta

Located at the top of Little Cottonwood Canyon near Salt Lake City, the Town of Alta rests at 8,530 feet above sea level. Originally a silver mining hotbed turned ghost town, Alta became a ski area in the winter of 1938-39. A passionate group of local businessmen and relief from the tax burdens of a long-time Alta miner were the catalysts for the formation of Alta Ski Area.

Alta became the second ski area in North America (and the first in Utah) to install a chair lift. Alta grew slowly, building new lifts to accommodate a growing number of skiers while working with businesses in the area to provide day shelters and eventually lodging in Little Cottonwood Canyon.

Alta is known as a “skier’s mountain." Known for its scenery, diverse terrain and for the uncanny quality and quantity of snow—annually averaging 547 inches. Alta is located within a watershed, so no mechanized vehicles are allowed. It is one of three ski areas in the United States that does not allow snowboarding.

There is a spirit to Alta. Perhaps it is because generations of skiers have been able to pass on their love for the mountain. Alta is a place that many local and destination skiers choose to call home.


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