Kristen Ulmer The Art of Fear 2-Day Ski Camp

Kristen Ulmer The Art of Fear 2-Day Ski Camp

Saturday, March 9, 2019


This camp will get you to the other side of these and other fear and anxiety related problems.

Join Kristen for this non-threatening, fun and powerful weekend to learn -first of all- in no uncertain terms why you have your problem with fear (or anxiety, which is recirculating fear). Next, you’ll go through her fascinating 4-step process to turn the problem completely around. Expect to leave totally blown away, excited about skiing or other aspects of your life that used to be troubling (relationships? work?), and leave feeling just the right amount of fear to help you thrive on the mountain or in other areas of your life. Expect these results to be permanent. Money back guarantee if after attending this camp, you feel it wasn’t all it promises and more.

$579, camp price only, small group, 10-4 each day. Available for intermediate skiers (meaning: groomers are no problem) on up to pro level skiers (and telemarkers). All genders, 15 years old and up.

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