Last updated: 5:00AM 01/18/2019

Alta Fine Print and Info (Policies)

Alta Fine Print and Info (Policies)

Important info for your skiing at Alta

Equipment Allowed (Skis)
Alta Ski Area is for skiers
and restricts equipment other than skis (which means skis that have metal edges, retaining devices and are attached to ski boots by bindings) for anyone who wants to ride the lifts and ski the mountain or play around the base areas.

Uphill Travel (The Summer Road and beyond)
During the ski season when we have 24-hour-a-day operations going on with avalanche mitigation, grooming, maintenance and downhill skiers, the only uphill travel area that we approve is the Summer Road* when it is open. Any other uphill travel is a safety issue for our employees and skiers and interferes with our operations and the product we prepare and sell to our skiers.

*The Summer Road starts at the gate where State Road 210 ends and may be used to access areas outside of our ski area boundaries. Generally when the Summer Road is closed, you should be able to get to the south-facing slopes above the Town of Alta.

Drones and Model Aircraft (Should fly elsewhere)
Because of safety and privacy concerns, Alta Ski Area prohibits the operation or use of unmanned aerial systems or drones (including model aircraft by recreational users and hobbyists) within or above the ski area boundaries without a prior written authorization, which will require unique circumstances that benefit Alta Ski Area. This prohibition includes drones used for filming, as well as any drone use by media or journalists. Please submit any request for a prior written authorization to Brandon Ott at or 801.799.2263.

Interlodge Travel Restrictions (This means powder skiing)
During a storm cycle the Alta Town Marshal may impose an interlodge travel restriction. This means that everyone needs to stay in the building where they are or go to the closest building and get inside. Professionals from Alta, Snowbird and the Utah Department of Transportation will perform avalanche mitigation. When that is finished, the Marshal will lift the interlodge.

Inherent Risks of Skiing (Part of the challenge and the excitement)
Utah's Skier Safety Act provides that no skier may make any claim against or recover from any ski area operator for injuries resulting from any of the inherent risks of skiing, which are listed on trail boards at the ski area.

Your Responsibility Code (Please play smart)
Always show courtesy to others and be aware that there are certain elements of risk in skiing that common sense and personal awareness can help reduce. Please be a responsible skier. Know the code.

Your Season Pass (The pass or card linked to your name & your photo)

Alta prices its season passes and cards on the basis they will only be used by the persons whose photos are linked to them. Your pass should only be used by you.

In fairness to all the skiers who play by the rules, Alta employees monitor pass and card use to identify those skiers who need some encouragement to be more honest about riding Alta lifts.

It is a serious deal if someone, even a family member, uses your pass. Your pass may disappear, your money may disappear (a misuse fee) and sometimes the Town Marshal may appear.

Carrying Things on the Lift Ride (Ski poles are OK!)

Anything other than your ski poles that you want to transport up a lift needs to be in a small or medium size backpack or a waist pack.


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