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Alta Town Racing

Alta Town Race Series

Welcome to the 2018-19 Alta Town Race Series

The Alta Town Race Series courses will be set to challenge the more experienced racers, as well as being easy to understand and ski for the less experienced. Our goal on the race crew is to see everyone finish.

Open to anyone 18 years of age or older who wishes to participate.

Location: Sunnyside Race Arena

Race hours: 9:30am--1:00pm

Race days are Tuesdays starting January 29th through April 16th. No Town Series racing on Tuesday February 19th.

There three scheduled open dates. Any postponed event will be made up on the first available open date.

During inclement weather, or if you suspect postponement, call the racing hotline at 801.799.2278 or 801.742.3333 ext 278 anytime after 8:00 am on race day . Please do not call the the Ski School Office.

By entering you are entitled to:

  • Eight Town Series Races
  • Gate training every race day (excluding special events)
  • Free racing during all recreational races
  • Award ceremony and party with raffle - event date TBD

You may race as an individual or on a team. Team names must be family friendly.

Due to work commitments of most participants the races are one run only.

Team Definition
A team consists of up to 6 people from any league.  At least one team member must be female.

For example, a team may consist of 1-Alpine B racer, 2-Tele racers, 3-Alpine A racers, etc.

League Definitions

  • Alpine A – experienced racers and serious competitors.
  • Alpine B – racing for fun, for skiers with little or no racing experience.
  • Telemark is one league only male/female

Last season’s B league winner must race A league the following season.


In the event of a ruling inquiry the race crew will adhere to USSA rules. Rules are available from the race crew.

  • Start order is Tele Women, Tele Men, B-League Women, A-League Women, B-League Men, A-League Men.
  • Parallel turns executed in Tele league is a DQ.
  • Absolutely no temporary substitutions are allowed. Permanent substitutions require prior race committee approval.
  • Losing a ski more than two gates above the finish is a DQ. Straddling or missing a gate is a DQ. You are encouraged to correct these mistakes by hiking back up to make the gate as your team may need your points.
  • Since a female time is required for a team score it is in the team’s best interest to have more than one female.
  • We do not use race bibs. You will be assigned a number at the first race. Please remember your number to help simplify time keeping and scoring.

Points are awarded to the World Cup Point Schedule for individuals.

1st place = 50 points; 2nd place = 45 points; 3rd place = 40 points; 4th place = 38 points; 5th place = 36 points; 6th place = 34 points; 7th place =32 points; 8th place = 30 points; 9th place = 29 points. The rest of the field descends in one point increments.

Team scores are determined by the top three individual point results from a team with (at least one result a female).

At the end of the series awards will be presented to the top three individuals in their league and to the top three teams. The best seven out of eight races determine the final rankings. The lowest score will be dropped for both teams and individuals.


Results may be found by 5pm at, or at the ski school office or Alta main office.


The cost is $130 per racer. We suggest you try to solicit some sort of sponsorship from your place of employment. Alta Ski Lifts pays half the cost for Alta employees. You may not race prior to registration and payment of fees. You may join at anytime however you must pay the full price. Please bring your completed entry form including signed waiver and entry fee to the ski school office.

For questions or comments, please leave a message for Coleman Motley on The Racing Hotline. 801.799.2278 or 801.742.3333 ext 278 or

Click Here for Entry Form & Waiver

Official Alta Town Race Series Calendar 

January 2019

01/29 Slalom

February 2019
02/05 #2 Giant Slalom
02/12 #3 Slalom
02/26 Open Date

March 2019
03/05 #4 Giant Slalom
03/12 #5 Slalom
03/19 Open Date
03/26 #6 Giant Slalom

April 2019
04/02 #7 Slalom
04/9 GS Finale

Race Hours: 9:30 AM - 1:00 PM

Any postponed events to be held on the first available Open Date.
For racing updates: 801.799.2278 or 801.742.3333 ext 278 or

Good luck and have fun!

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Giant Slalom Finale

ski racer going around gates

Date & Location: April 9th, 2019 — Race to be held on Extrovert off the Sugarloaf Lift. Conditions permitting

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