Alta Ski Area aerial view

Future Plans

Our mission is to provide authentic skiing experiences in a natural mountain environment.

Future Plans

Our mission is to provide authentic skiing experiences in a natural mountain environment. Like many of you we cherish and love the beauty, mystique and charm of Alta and we are committed to working with various stakeholders and partners to manage public access in environmentally responsible and sustainable ways. We recognize that preserving the heart and soul of Alta will be challenging as the population along the Wasatch Front continues to grow and bring more recreational enthusiasts into Little Cottonwood Canyon. We are optimistic that with proper planning and collaboration we can successfully manage and accommodate growth, rather than having the growth manage us. We welcome your concerns and interest in our future plans and daily operations.

The Forest Service has completed an Environment Assessment (EA) on a group of projects included in Alta’s Master Development Plan (MDP). The Forest Service found that all proposed projects had no significant environmental impact and therefore the proposed projects were authorized. The Environmental Assessment can be reviewed here.

The projects included in the EA and authorized by Forest Service include the following:

  • Modification of the Albion Base parking lots and roadway to improve skier access and safety. The modification would include an expansion to replace parking spaces lost to accommodate mass transit.
  • Installation of a small tram from Germania Pass to just below the top of Mt. Baldy for avalanche mitigation work if current avalanche mitigation methods are discontinued. The tram would also be available for public use when conditions permit.
  • Installation of remote avalanche mitigation devices on Sugarloaf Mountain and East Castle to reduce our dependence on artillery and helicopters for avalanche mitigation work.
  • Replacement of the Sunnyside and Wildcat lifts to improve the skier experience and upgrade aging equipment.
  • Construction of a new lift (Flora lift) to replace the East Baldy/Return to Collins road that runs from the top of the Sugarloaf lift to the top of the Collins lift. The lift would start near the bottom of Sugarbowl and run a saddle in the ridgeline North of the Collins ski patrol building.
  • Improvement of skier flow from the top of the Supreme by reworking and widening Devil’s Castle road and re-contouring and widening Challenger/Sleepy Hollow ski run to reduce congestion and improve intermediate groomed runs off of the top of the Supreme lift.
  • Expansion of Alf’s restaurant to improve circulation in and around the building and increase seating and restroom space.
  • Expansion of the West deck and creation of additional interior space at Watson Shelter to better accommodate skiers and provide deck space located in the sunshine.
  • Construction of an Equipment Storage Building on the north side of the Albion Parking lot to allow storage of equipment and supplies locally rather than at our warehouse on the West side of Salt Lake Valley.  This will reduce our use of SR-210, emissions and transportation costs

Projects previously approved by the Forest Service which we have not completed include:

  • Construction of a Wildcat Day Lodge between the Collins lift base terminal and the Skier Services building.
  • Extension of snowmaking water and power from the pumphouse near the base of Sugarloaf lift to the bottom of the previous Supreme bottom terminal, near the Cecret lake trailhead.

Other projects included in Alta’s Master Development plan which will need to go through the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) process include prior Forest Service final approval include:

  • Installation of a Micro Hydro System
  • Continued work on the High Traverse
  • Restoration of Lake Flora at the top of Glory Hole. The lake would create water storage for Salt Lake City water and snowmaking.

We welcome your feedback and will continue to adjust our plans and develop new plans as conditions change. Thank you for your interest and support of Alta Ski Area. Our visitors and their love of Alta are an important part of what makes the Alta community and mountain so special.