Tips for skiing Alta

Alta 101 : Tips For
Skiing Alta

How to ski alta Like a Local.

Skiing Alta for the first time can be a memorable and life-changing experience. The hallowed ground for powder skiing in North America has sculpted the lives of skiers who chase that ethereal feeling of arcing down the mountain in a weightless snow globe.

Typically at ski resorts, skiers unload the chairlift and glide onto the best trails on the mountain. At Alta, this isn’t always the case. Here you may find sidesteps and traverses that lead to the most popular runs. The main access point is the High Traverse, aka the ‘High-T,’ which is located at the top of the Collins chair. Once you learn the tools of the trade you’ll quickly find that traverses and sidesteps are an extremely efficient way to access terrain.

Because huge snow totals are a way of life at Alta, it's important to ski with a buddy and avoid tree wells. Please check out Alta's safety and awareness tips.

ALTA 101 : Using Your Pass

Professor: Sarah | Alta Ski Area
Prerequisite: Getting Here
Alta uses RFID technology to scan season passes and lift tickets. This is your key to the Alta castle.

Below is a list of helpful tips to keep you on the slopes instead of waiting at the base of a lift.

  • Remember to keep your pass in a pocket by itself.
  • Don't have anything else in your pocket—this includes cell phones, keys, wallets and credit cards.
  • Do not have another season pass in the pocket (it's supposed to be empty anyway).
  • Remember to hang on to your day tickets and season passes at the end of the day. You can save money when you reload them online.
  • If you have any questions, Alta's friendly staff is always there to help. Don't hesitate to ask for help.

Alta 101 : Traversing

Professor: Zach | Alta Ski Patrol
Prerequisite: Using Your Pass
Typically at ski resorts, skiers unload the chairlift and glide onto the best trails at the mountain. At Alta, this isn’t always the case. Alta Ski Patrol teaches the basics of traversing and managing Alta's High Traverse, aka the High-T.

How to navigate the High Traverse (High-T)

  • Think of the High-T as a freeway. There are multiple exits for ski runs and a few places to pull off and take in the view. Use common sense. You wouldn’t hit the brakes in the middle of the highway, nor should you stop in the middle of the traverse.
  • If you’re skiing with a group make a plan on where you’ll be heading before venturing out on the traverse. If you’re waiting for someone to catch up, pull off above the traverse and let others go by.
  • Hear a pole tap? This is a universal call that someone is behind you.
  • Sometimes a traverse will lead to a sidestep. Keep your skis on here. Boot packing is only allowed to access Baldy Chutes.
  • The key to traversing is to find the smoothest and most efficient route. Have fun and keep your speed up.

ALTA 101 : Skiing Fall Line

Professor: Andrew | Alta Local
Prerequisite: Using Your Pass, Traversing
While a lot of ski areas consist of a spiderweb of trails, a lot of the skiing at Alta takes place on open faces and bowls that are accessed via traversing. Skiing the fall line simply means making your way down the mountain in a predictable corridor.

If you need to stop, make sure to do so where you can be seen from above. If you need to traverse to a different section of terrain, look uphill to make sure you are not in the way of a skier skiing fall line above you. Fall-line skiing is the best way to preserve Alta's powder snow for yourself and other skiers.

Thanks for visiting beautiful Alta Ski Area. We'll see you guys in the fall line.

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