Learning to ski at Alta Ski Area

Safety and
Awareness Tips

Helpful tips for a great day.

Alta Ski Area Safety and Awareness tips.

1. Ski with a Buddy

2. Avalanche Awareness

Avalanche mitigation helps reduce the risk but cannot eliminate the possibility of an avalanche occurring within the ski area

3. #RideAnotherDay lists 3 actions every skier can take to be responsible on the slopes

  • Be ready to slow down and avoid objects or other skiers at any time
  • Stay alert to what’s going on around you, especially other skiers
  • Plan ahead to ease up at blind spots, check uphill when merging onto trails and give other skiers plenty of room when passing

4. Tips For Avoiding Collisions

  • Skiers ahead of you have the right of way
  • Adjust your speed based on skier traffic and conditions
  • Look ahead and adapt your skiing to the situation
  • Ski in a rhythmic and predictable manner, especially in high traffic areas
  • Give other skiers lots of space when passing
  • If you stop during a ski run, make sure you are visible to uphill skiers and look uphill before you resume skiing

NSAA Tree Well and Deep Snow caution sign

5. Tips For Avoiding Tree Wells and Deep Snow Immersion

  • Ski with a buddy and maintain visual contact and stop to check on each other
  • Be wary of trees with branches touching the snow
  • Be aware that tree wells tend to form deeper on the downhill side of a tree
  • Do anything and everything possible to keep your head up if falling in deep snow

Learn more about Tree Well & Deep Snow Immersion | NSAA.org >

6. Avoiding Citation for Leaving the Scene

You may be criminally charged if you are involved in a skier-collision and leave the scene before you give the other skier or ski patrol your contact information.

7. Tips on Safety Gear

  • We encourage skiers to make thoughtful choices about safety gear after considering their skill levels and where they will be skiing
  • Skiers using avalanche airbag systems need to make sure the triggers on those systems are in the safety positions while in lift lines and riding lifts

8. What is Interlodge?

During a storm cycle, the Alta Town Marshal may impose an interlodge travel restriction. This means that everyone needs to stay in the building where they are, or go to the closest building, and stay inside.

Professionals from Alta, Snowbird and the Utah Department of Transportation will perform avalanche mitigation. When that is finished, the Marshal will lift the interlodge.

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