Goodbye, Winter. Hello, Summer. 

sunset at Cecret lake

Hiking the Albion Basin

Plan on hiking the Albion Basin? Please note that due to construction and infrastructure improvement projects the Albion parking lot will be closed this summer as well as Sunnyside lift-served hiking. However, Alta's 15 miles of summer hiking trails can be accessed from the Wildcat base area.

Due to an awesome winter with 626" of snowfall, expect snow to cover hiking trails well into summer. Take a look at our Mountain Cams page to view current conditions. 

Wildcat Basecamp 

The Wildcat base area is your Alta summer Basecamp; providing all of the essentials—from snacks, beverages, bathrooms, free parking, knowledgable mountain hosts and more. Mountain hosts will be on-hand to provide summer information as well as shuttle passes to the Cecret Lake Trailhead.

Summer FAQs 

    • What are the important summer dates and schedule? Summer starts June 29th and runs through September 2nd, 2019. (conditions permitting)
      • Weekend & Holiday Hours: 9am--7pm
      • Weekday Hours: 11am--7pm
    • Where can I park for free? The Wildcat base area. 
    • Where can I buy food/snacks? The Wildcat lot, or as we're calling it this summer, the Wildcat Basecamp. Don't miss Sunday brunch at Alta Lodge and Snowpine Lodge
    • Where is the best place to access hiking trails? You guessed it, the Wildcat base area. Parking and hiking trail access to the Albion Basin via the Wildcat base area is always FREE! If you don't have the energy to hike from the Wildcat Base Area, you can pay to ride a shuttle or pay to drive into the Albion Basin.
    • Why is the Albion parking lot, Sunnyside lift, Albion Grill and Alta Java closed this summer? Due to construction projects and infrastructure upgrades in the Albion lot and Sunnyside lift maintenance.
    • Can I bring my dog? No. Little Cottonwood Canyon is a Salt Lake County protected watershed area that supplies drinking water to Salt Lake residents. 
    • Why is vehicle access limited into the Albion Basin? In recent years the basin has been "over-loved" hicle access into Albion Basin is being limited to balance visitor use with available amenities and natural resource protection as the ultimate goal. 
    • Why is there an $8 “amenity fee” per vehicle to drive into the Albion Basin? This money helps fund maintenance of the summer road, parking lots, trash removal, hiking trails and maintenance to bathroom facilities on-mountain. In past summers, Alta was not responsible for maintaining the summer road.
    • What's the deal with the shuttle? A shuttle will operate on weekends and holidays from the Wildcat base area to the Cecret Lake trailhead. The shuttle cost and schedule is TBD, however, we anticipate that the shuttle will run on weekends and holidays. 
    • Will there be mountain hosts available to provide information on hiking trails and the mountain? Yes, knowledgeable mountain hosts will be available at the Wildcat base area.
    • Can I purchase a winter season pass this summer at Alta? Yes, winter season passes, information and public restrooms will be available at Skier Services at the Wildcat base area. Business Office Hours: Monday--Thursday, 7:30am--4:30pm.

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From yoga classes to trail running races to volunteer opportunities, there is no shortage of ways to stay cool at Alta even when the snow's not falling.

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All summer long, there’s a lot to love and myriad ways to give back by volunteering with Alta's Environmental Center stewardship programs.

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