Use the summer trail map to find your way around Alta Ski Area in the summer

Summer Trail

Navigate our mountain with the help of our summer trail map and hiking descriptions.

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Updated 5/7/2024 @ 3pm

The Summer Road is currently closed—estimated opening in late June.

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Trail Descriptions


#1: Lower Albion Meadows | .5 miles | Elevation Gain: 100 feet

A family-friendly trail connecting Wildcat and Albion base areas. You’ll find interpretive signs highlighting Alta’s history, geology, natural resources and watershed. An inviting stroll for wildflower viewers. Hiking/biking singletrack.

#2: Home Run | .6 miles | Elevation Gain: 200 feet

Connect from the Albion base area to the Upper Albion Meadows trail. Recommended route for mountain biking. Hiking/biking singletrack.

#3: Albion Meadow | .5 miles | Elevation Gain: 70 feet

Provides some of the best wildflower viewing in Alta. Please stay on the trail and use the photo pull-outs for wildflower photography. Access from Catherine’s Pass Trailhead via the Summer Road or the Upper Albion Meadows trail from the Albion base area. Hiking/biking singletrack.

#4: Catherine's to Cecret Lake Connector | .29 miles | Elevation Gain: 40 feet

A rolling hike in the meadows connecting the Cecret Lake and Catherine’s Pass Trailheads. Hiking/biking singletrack.

#5: Cecret Lake | .75 miles | Elevation Gain: 420 feet

This very popular, easy-to-moderate trail features interpretive signs along a route to the spectacular Cecret Lake. Access from the Upper Albion Meadows trail or the Cecret Lake Trailhead via the Summer Road. Swimming or wading in the water is prohibited. Bikes are not allowed. Hiking singletrack.


#6: Upper Albion Meadows | 1.4 miles | Elevation Gain: 1,100 feet

Starting from the Albion base area, a moderate climb leads to breathtaking views and fields of wildflowers. One of the best ways to access the Albion Meadows. Hiking/biking singletrack.

#7: Snake Pit | .7 miles | Elevation Gain: 365 feet

This trail snakes through aspen groves before traversing a steep ravine into the Albion Basin. Enjoy views of a cascading creek. Hiking/biking singletrack.

#8: Twin Lakes Pass | 1.8 miles | Elevation Gain: 1,350 feet

This moderate-to-steep trail climbs through Grizzly Gulch before connecting to Big Cottonwood Canyon at Twin Lakes Pass. This trail also offers a spur route to Davenport Hill. Access starts on the north side of Highway 210 across from the Snowpine Lodge. Hiking/biking singletrack

#9: Devil's Castle Loop | 1.8 miles | Elevation Gain: 460 feet

Access this loop from the campground loop road or the Upper Albion Meadows trail just below the Cecret Lake trailhead. This is a popular mountain biking trail beneath the massive walls of Devil’s Castle. Hiking/biking singletrack.

#10: Catherine's Pass | 1.5 miles | Elevation Gain: 800 feet

This moderate trail weaves through open meadows and wetlands leading to Catherine’s Pass with great views of Catherine’s Lake and Sunset Peak in Big Cottonwood Canyon. Hiking/biking singletrack.

#11: East Baldy Traverse (EBT) | .4 miles | Elevation Gain: 100 feet

Begins at the merge of Collins Gulch and East Greeley, connecting Germania Pass to Sugarloaf Pass. Views of Mineral Basin and Mount Timpanogos. Hiking/biking doubletrack.


#12: Collins Gulch | 2.6 miles | Elevation Gain: 2,000 feet

This moderate-to-steep service road climbs from the Wildcat base area to Germania Pass with great views of Mount Baldy. Connect to East Greeley in the Albion Basin or the East Baldy Traverse to Sugarloaf Pass. Hiking/biking doubletrack.

#13: Cardiff Pass | 1.4 miles | Elevation Gain: 1,360 feet

This steep hike climbs to the ridgeline opposite Alta Ski Area, providing panoramic views of Alta. Access from the north side of Highway 210 across from the Alta Lodge, near the Town Office. Hiking/biking singletrack.

#14: East Greeley | 2.8 miles | Elevation Gain: 1,300 feet

Gain access via the Upper Albion Meadows trail near Alf’s. This moderate-to-steep service road switchbacks through a quiet mountainside with panoramic views of Albion Basin. Connect to Collins Gulch or Sugarloaf Pass via the East Baldy Traverse Hiking/biking doubletrack.