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"Let's Go Skiing!" — Remembering Michael "Alti" Altman

"Let's Go Skiing!" — Remembering Michael "Alti" Altman

| 3 Comments | September 3rd, 2019 | By Guest Blogger

So many of us wind our way up Little Cottonwood Canyon to get a taste of Alta’s legendary powder. While the snow and the spectacular mountain views have served as a magnet for skiers over the last 81 years, it is the people and tight-knit community that draw so many of us back to Alta, winter after winter. 

Last week, Alta lost a beloved employee from our tight-knit community. We lost a mustachioed gentleman who had boundless energy, a giant smile and truly, a genuine interest in welcoming each and every skier to Alta.

Alti, or Micheal Altman, you will be dearly missed by your Alta family. His personality was larger than life, and while his passing is very sad, the sphere of his influence will continue to live on.

Michael "Alti" Altman

Thank you, Alti, for your 24 years as an Alta Liftie.

Thank you for your love and welcoming arms to all skiers, young and old. Alti once said that “I try to make every person here my friend.”

Thank you for your infectious love for the sport. And yes, infectious is a poignant superlative because, in 2014, he was recognized by KRCL radio and Discrete as ‘Liftie of the Week.'

Thank you for taking younger lifties under your wings.

Thank you for your kindness.

And finally, thank you for making Alta a better place.

Alti, rest assured that we will keep your voice alive for future generations of skiers as Alta lifties will continue to call out

“Front row, let’s go skiing!”

Here’s an article from a decade ago interviewing Alti. If you have Alti stories to share, please add them to the comments section below. 

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Brian Smart September 4, 2019 Reply to Post

I will forever remember my first year as a liftie. Hell, I’ll always remember my first day. Alti walked across that stinky locker room in old Buckhorn & stuck his hand out. He was aggressively kind & it took me a little off guard, but he quickly gained my respect & friendship. Such a good soul! Let’s Go Skiing!

John quinn September 4, 2019 Reply to Post

RIP Alti. Yo go ahead of us to know the heaven you are entering. Maybe it was a slice of heaven you left behind.

Andy fleming September 5, 2019 Reply to Post

Thanks Alti for keeping me alive on the 3rd.floor


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