Watson Cafe

Serving up organic and locally-sourced food options mid-mountain in the Watson Shelter.

Enjoy great views of Mount Superior and Mount Baldy while you dine.

The Watson Cafe is located mid-mountain near the Collins angle station and below the top of Wildcat lift. Two levels of indoor seating and an outdoor deck with incredible views of Alta.

This is a great place for a midday refuel for intermediate to expert skiers.

HOURS: 9:30am-4pm

Food & Beverage offerings

  • 100% grass-fed Utah beef hamburger
  • Vegetarian or Beef Chili
  • Deli Sandwiches
  • Niman Ranch Pulled Pork Sandwiches
  • French fries or Chili Cheese Fries
  • Chicken Tenders
  • Fresh Salads
  • Pizza
  • Hot Soup

Grab & Go

  • Cookies, Brownies & Gluten-free Desserts
  • Candy & Bars
  • Fresh Fruit


  • Hot Chocolate
  • Local coffee
  • Local Uinta microbrews and domestic beer on tap

Atmosphere & Ambiance

Offers Indoor and deck cafeteria seating. Alta memorabilia decorates the walls. Great views of Mount Superior and Mount Baldy while you dine.

Optional Charging Privileges

Season passes tied to a credit card, Alta Cards and Alta Gift Cards can be used to charge at Alf's Restaurant, Collins Grill, Watson Shelter, Albion Grill, Alf Engen Ski School and the three Alta Ski Shop locations.

Alta Ski Shop - Watson Shelter

Visit our Alta Ski Shop at Watson to pick up Alta logo merchandise, or to get a new pair of goggles for that snowy day.

  • Shop Hours: 10:30am–4pm daily


Call 801.799.2296

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Watson Shelter

Woodfired pizzaDeli sandwiches

Grab your next on-mountain lunch from the Watson Cafe