Art of Fear camp with Kristen Ulmer

Art of
Fear Camp

Join Kristen Ulmer for a fun and powerful weekend to learn how to deal with fear and anxiety such that it no longer holds you back.

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Discover How to Transform Fear and Access Flow States.

Join Kristen in 2023 at Alta, Utah for a fun, powerful weekend that stays with you ongoing.

  • First, learn how to deal with fear/anxiety in sports and life, such that it no longer holds you back.
  • Next, experience her four-step process to access flow states, transforming your ski experience into what you always hoped it could be.

Expect to be blown away and excited about your life in next-level ways that you never thought possible. Break free from former stuck places not just in skiing, but also relationships and career. This camp then helps you be the best athlete and person you can be. Leave armed with life-changing tools to maintain these results in a lasting way.

Available for intermediate skiers (meaning: groomers are no problem) up to pro or even Olympic level skiers. Telemarkers also welcome.

Note: Alas, Alta does not allow Snowboarders. All genders, 15 years old and up. Younger than 15 are considered by request only.


  • January 22nd–24th, 2023
  • March 26–28th, 2023



Coaching price (lift tickets and other amenities are not included). Starts the first evening from 4–7pm, then runs 9:15am – 5:30pm on days two and three. Reduced price scholarships are available upon request.

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