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100 Days Until Ski Season

By Adam Fehr 08-12-2015

One hundred reasons we love ski season in honor of there being only 100 days until we're skiing again.

Today marks one hundred days until the 2015/16 ski season kicks off at Alta and we couldn’t be more excited to share another season with you! To celebrate, we have constructed a list of one hundred things we love most about ski season (in no particular order). Comment below if you have any to add to the list.

  1. Susie's Special at Alta Java
  2. Bluebird powder days
  3. The Baldy boot pack
  4. Making it to Alta before Little Cottonwood is closed in the morning for control work
  5. When that perfect song starts to play as you get off the lift
  6. The community
  7. Italian hot chocolate from Baldy Brews
  8. Side stepping out into Devil’s Castle with all of your friends
  9. Being able to ski for 50% off at some great resorts courtesy of the Reciprocity Benefit
  10. The view of Superior from the Albion Grill deck
  11. The Frank
  12. When you time it right and get the free appetizers at the Sitzmark
  13. Being featured in the Alta “Photo of the Day”
  14. Sugarloaf laps
  15. The High Boy Party
  16. Exploring every single one of the 2,200 skiable acres
  17. Patrol puppies
  18. Alta Lodge Women’s Clinics
  19. Friends roll back into town for their “winter jobs”
  20. Groomer hot laps
  21. Playing a little game we like to call “which Subaru is mine?” in the parking lot
  22. Ski after 3
  23. Ski with a ranger
  24. Break time at the Alta library
  25. New Year’s Eve Torchlight Parade
  26. Powder yelps
  27. The High Traverse
  28. That down canyon view from the top of Supreme
  29. Retro onesies
  30. Soaking up the sun on the deck at Alf’s
  31. Closing Day...both of them
  32. The most seasonal snowfall in Utah
  33. Control mornings, because you know it is going to be good
  34. Interlodge
  35. First tracks
  36. Alf Engen Ski School
  37. Spring corn skiing
  38. The first chair crew at Collins
  39. Junior Explorers
  40. Learning the names of your favorite lifties
  41. Storm skiing
  42. #Nuketown
  43. Sippin’ on that cider at the Sitzmark
  44. Seeing the hallway at the Peruvian lined with ski boots
  45. Drinking beer on the porch of Goldminer's Daughter
  46. Skiing with Santa Claus
  47. International Women’s Ski Day
  48. Building out your interlodge emergency kit so you’re prepared for the next big storm
  49. Free refills
  50. Taking a break on the transfer tow
  51. The side step up East Castle
  52. First tracks down East Castle after side stepping for 30 minutes
  53. Building confidence on the Alta All Mountain Team
  54. Groms
  55. Snow beards
  56. Sunrise
  57. Alta snowcat skiing
  58. Taking a break on Cecret
  59. That feeling you get when you take your ski boots off
  60. That guy skiing with a snorkel
  61. Blower turns on Baldy shoulder
  62. 116 runs
  63. Half laps from Collins mid station
  64. Skier studs
  65. 4:30pm High Boy lap
  66. Hittin’ the #Shotzski with your friends at the Pdog
  67. Wildcat “park” laps
  68. New friends and new skills with the Alta Youth Club
  69. Catching the Telluride Mountain Film Tour at Lady of Our Snows
  70. Alta Gear Swap
  71. Working on your form with the Alta Race Team
  72. Sunset over Superior
  73. 24”+ overnight
  74. (S)he Jumps Into the Canyon
  75. Keyhole shuttle laps
  76. Getting DEEP in Westward Ho
  77. Shooting the breeze with the lift operators
  78. Checking your ride data on
  79. Riding the lift with your favorite pro
  80. “Grown up” time with the Alta Parent Club
  81. Hitchhikers in Little Cottonwood Canyon
  82. The smile your friend has after they charged through a foot of fresh snow
  83. Watching youngsters enjoy their first time on skis
  84. The Alta town race series
  85. New gear
  86. Taking UTA instead of driving up canyon to go skiing
  87. Picking up your favorite Alta gear at Alta Sports
  88. Skiing Main Chute every chance you get
  89. Laying down first tracks on fresh corduroy
  90. How the Alta lodges bundle breakfast and dinner with their rates
  91. Spotting Alta vanity license plates in the parking lot
  92. Chairlift pick up lines
  93. When you time it right and get the free appetizers at the Pdog
  94. Lapping West Buffler on a blustery day
  95. Insightful lift conversations with people from around the globe
  96. Taking in the view from the top of Eddie’s High Nowhere
  97. Getting lost in Catherine’s
  98. Upgrading to the AltaBird pass and skiing between the two resorts via Sugarloaf Pass
  99. Catching the rope drop on the Backside
  100. Alta is for skiers

See you on opening day, Friday, November 20th, 2015. Think snow!