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Julian Carr and the Discrete Peak Series

By Adam Fehr 07-09-2015

This summer, our friends at Discrete will be debuting the Peak Series, with the first run going down at Alta on August 9.

This summer, our friends at Discrete will be debuting the Peak Series with the first run going down at Alta on August 9. The trail running race will climb through popular areas like Greely Hill and the High T before topping out on Baldy and finishing at Albion Grill. With 2,500+ feet of vertical gain in 5.9 miles, the Alta stop will not be for the faint of heart.

Between running a company, starting a trail running series and just plain running, we found a hot minute to catch up with Julian Carr. Here's what he had to say:

What's your name, where did you grow up and what do you do at Discrete?
My name is Julian Carr. I grew up in The Avenues neighborhood in Salt Lake City, UT. I am the founder of Discrete.

How many years has Discrete been pushing out the coolest gear this side of the Wasatch?
Since 2008, first year in business, although I had been spreading around some product to my friends for a couple years before we started selling gear in stores.

What was your inspiration behind the Peak Series? Why vertical gain over distance?
More vertical, to me, is equivalent to maximum resulting fitness and views! Plus, I'm very "peak" driven with my adventures, so I always feel dissatisfied if I don't reach the highest point around me. From a competition standpoint, when I investigated all the current available races, I was seeing lots of 25k and up. I was not seeing many cool races, especially a series, with emphasis on maximum elevation gain and "shorter" distances. All our races are 5 to 10 miles with a range of 2500 to 4000 feet of elevation gain. Get to the top of an iconic peak as fast as you possibly can, get back down. No gimmicks, just you and a peak, a raw and real experience.

Two months ago I set out with the goal to actually create a trail run series. I'm proud to say today it's a reality. 4 events, 15K prize money, 22 amazing sponsors complete with equal prize money for men/women. Fastest to the top at each venue, man and woman, both get a Gopro. Even Goal Zero is powering the entire series.

What is your favorite run in Utah?
My favorite is Mt. Olympus, it's straight up and unrelenting. Plus the my favorite time to run is at sunset, I've never seen the same sunset twice on Mt. Olympus. It's funny, I'll see a sunset that I'm certain can't be beat, then a week later, another happens that eclipses it.. haha.

You're a professional skier gone business owner, how do you find the time to go for a run?
That's my sanity! haha, that's one of the best things about living in SLC, my home is near downtown, my office is right downtown, dozens of runs are accessible from downtown, so I can get done with a full days work and bail to any trailhead I choose. Plus, as a professional skier, I'm very used to hiking up mountains with all my gear, trail running is great because I feel so free.. no gear! haha

You work with some of the coolest athletes and creatives around. If Discrete was a person, who would it be?
Great question! Honestly, it's a tough call. Probably one part Brody Leven, one part Neil deGrasse Tyson and one part The Lexie Dog.

I am working on a summertime 'mixtape', any tunes you think need to be included?
PEG by Steely Dan

Favorite summertime beverage?
Hard to beat a crisp lev czech pilsner.

So, if someone registers for the race, can they expect to be competing against you?
100%. I plan to race all of them.

Anything else you would like to add about the Discrete Peak Series?
We are making our start times in the early afternoon, resulting in everyone finishing into prime 'hang out" or Apres as we call it in skiing. We'll have vendor villages, live music, announcer and DJ, plus food and beer. Will be a great hang out after the race to socialize with lots of other trail enthusiasts.

Venues are:

  • Alta, UT - August 9
  • Snowbird, UT - Sept. 5
  • Bergen Peak, CO - Sept. 13
  • Deer Valley, UT - Sept. 19

Wondering what the Alta course looks like? Julian Carr and Emma Garrard give you a sneak peek.

Register and learn more about the Discrete Peak Series Here.

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