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The Last Gunners

The Last Gunners
of Alta

By Alta Ski Area 11-09-2023

Presented by ski Utah.

The Last Gunners of Alta presented by Ski Utah—a story 75 years in the making.

Video: Tim Jones and Lexi Dowdall

Amid Alta’s record-breaking 903-inch season in 2022–23, the gunners of Alta’s Ski Patrol fired their 105-mm Howitzer for the final time. It’s the conclusion of a 75-year era where weapons of war have reliably protected Alta from destructive avalanches. Dip into the story of Alta’s avalanche artillery program from infancy to its end. These massive artillery pieces, recruited for a peaceful purpose, now face retirement as Alta presses ahead into the forefront of the latest technological advancements in avalanche mitigation.

- Lexi Dowdall, Ski Utah

Last Gunners - The Conclusion of Alta Ski Area's Avalanche Artillery Program | Ski Utah >

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