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hundres of small plants in back of a pickup

The New Supreme Lift

By Adam Fehr 06-29-2017

Summer at Alta-June Update

Summer at Alta-June Update

The construction of our new Supreme lift is underway and will continue through November. The lift will replace the current Cecret and Supreme lifts. The new Supreme lift is a detachable quad manufactured by Leitner-Poma. The installation of the new lift will work to use as much of the existing alignment from the previous lifts to reduce environmental impact. The lift will load just off the southeast side of Alf’s Restaurant and will slightly bend to cross over the old Cecret lift alignment to the base of the old base terminal of Supreme and will continue up the old Supreme alignment to the existing top terminal remaining in the same place.

Unlike the Collin’s lift, the new lift will not have a mid-station, but will achieve the bend by way of canted tower sheaves. It will also cut lift ride-time down for our skiers. The reduced ride-time gives us more control over the number of skiers delivered to the top based on conditions, improves overall skier circulation and makes the lift-ride experience more user-friendly.

The minimal disturbance associated with the installation of the new lift will be rehabilitated by efforts lead by the Alta Environmental Center (AEC). The two primary methods the AEC is applying in the rehabilitation of the disturbed sites may not be rocket science, but are things that many of us just don’t think about!

  • Employees have removed “plugs” of native soil and plants from the construction area before it is disturbed. These plugs will be watered all summer until it is time to begin the rehabilitation.  The plugs are then placed into the disturbed area and act as islands for native vegetation to grow back and fill in from the inside-out while the undisturbed soil and plant areas work their way inward.


  • Not new to this project, but a practice we have done for many years, involves employees collecting seed from various parts of the mountain, drying it, and cleaning it. The seed then is handed over to a local Salt Lake grower to be grown over the winter. The seed is returned as small plants the following summer.  Our grower delivered 4,500 plants to us this summer which will be also be used for the Supreme rehabilitation and couple other of our projects this summer. 


Summer hikers and bikers should be aware of the following trail closures surrounding the construction area:


  • Upper Albion Meadows Trail - The far southern last section of this trail between Alf’s Restaurant and the bottom of Supreme lift or to the Cecret lake trailhead will be closed.  Hikers are rerouted to Cecret Lake, public toilets, and the campground via the Alf’s service road.  Hikers desiring to hike up the backside will be able to maintain access via the maintained split within Albion Meadow. 
  • Lower Devil’s Castle Loop - Starting at the intersection of Cecret Lake Trail (far western end of the loop) the trail will be closed through to the Upper Albion Meadows Trail. Hikers and mountain bikers are rerouted down the Cecret Lake trail returning them to the Campground entrance. Mountain bikers are still restricted from going up the Cecret Lake Trail to the actual lake.


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