Last updated: 8:00AM 03/19/2019

Mountain Stats

Mountain Stats and Information 

Alta snowy landscape chairlifts

Hours of Operation:


The Skier Services office at Alta's Wildcat Base is open daily from 8:00am--5:00pm.

Please call our Business Office at 801.359.1078 (or email with any questions or for further assistance. 

Alta's winter operations will run daily through April 21, 2019 and will reopen for one final bonus weekend April 26 - April 28. 

Mountain Info
Base elevation    8,530 ft. (2,600 m)
Top elevation 11,068 ft. (3,374 m)
Vertical drop 2,538 ft. (774 m)
Skiable acres 2,614 acres (1,058 hectares)
Number of runs 116+
Average seasonal snowfall 545" (1,384 cm)
Snowmaking 140 acres
Snowboarding No

3 detachable quads

  • Collins:  9:15am--4:30pm
  • Sugarloaf: 9:15am--4:00pm
  • Supreme: 9:15am--3:30pm


1 detachable triple 

  • Sunnyside: 9:15am-4:30pm
detachable quad

2 doubles

  • Albion: 9:15am--4:30pm
  • Wildcat: 9:15am--4:00pm
double chairlift
15% beginner green circle
30% intermediate blue square
55% advanced black diamond

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