A dad gives his son a high-five while skiing the beginner slopes of Alta Ski Area

Sunnyside At 3

Alta's Sunnyside At 3 program allows skiers the ability to ride our beginner lifts, Sunnyside and Albion from 3-4:30pm daily.


Since Alta’s humble beginnings as a ski area in 1938, Alta has worked to introduce the sport and culture of skiing to new skiers. A big part of that commitment is Alta’s Sunnyside At 3 program.

Alta's Sunnyside At 3 program allows skiers to ride our beginner lifts, Sunnyside and Albion, from 3-4:30pm daily. This program offers one of the most affordable ways to ski in the state of Utah.

Due to COVID-19, the Sunnyside At 3 program will only be available for the 2020-21 season via the season-long Sunnyside At 3 Card.

2020-21 Sunnyside At 3 Card: $59 online | $69 at a ticket window

The Sunnyside At 3 card is your season pass to afternoon skiing on Alta’s beginner terrain. Available on Alta.com for just $59, you have direct-to-lift access to Sunnyside and Albion lifts after 3pm, all season long. That’s over 150 afternoons and 225 hours of skiing—plenty of time to progress your skiing abilities on Alta's beginner terrain.

Benefits of the Sunnyside At 3 Card

  • Direct-to-ski access - the Sunnyside At 3 Card utilizess RFID technology, allowing you to skip the ticket window and start skiing.
  • Contactless on-mountain charging privileges at Alta-owned lodges. The Sunnyside At 3 card is linked to your credit card.
  • Discounted skiing on other Alta lift tickets - receive a 20% discount to ski a full day, a full afternoon or to adventure to other lifts on the mountain.

Buy your Sunnyside At 3 Card

The true goal of the Sunnyside At 3 program is to progress your skiing ability

The Sunnyside At 3 Card also Provides a 20% discount on access to Alta’s other lift tickets

Looking to ski a full day on Sunnyside and Albion? With your 20% discount applied to a Beginner Area Day ticket, you can ski from 9:15am-4:30pm on Sunnyside and Albion for 20% off the $56 window rate.

While the Sunnyside and Albion lifts offer great terrain for beginner skiers, there is so much more to explore at Alta as your skills progress. Blue Bell and Race Hill are blue square trails accessible from the top of Sunnyside lift. These are great stepping stones to more advanced terrain. Vail Ridge, the black diamond area located directly under the Sunnyside lift, is a proving ground for those that have mastered the toughest terrain the Sunnyside At 3 program has to offer.

Riding the Sunnyside lift at Alta, you can’t help but notice the surrounding slopes, peaks, lifts in the Albion Basin. The Sunnyside At 3 Card is ideal for the day you feel ready to expand your skiing horizons, providing a 20% discount and direct-to-lift access to Supreme, Sugarloaf, Collins and Wildcat.

2020-21 Adult Sunnyside At 3 Card discounted rates

Ticket Type

Window Rate

Sunnyside At 3 Card Rate

Area Day Ticket


$103.20 - 119.20

Afternoon Ticket (12:30-4:30 pm)



Late Afternoon Ticket (2:30-4:30 pm)



Beginner Area Day Ticket



Ski After 3 on Sunnyside

Not Available for the 2020-21 Season


Sunnyside At 3 Program

Yes. The Sunnyside At 3 Card can also be used as a charge card at Alf's Restaurant, Watson Shelter, Albion Grill, Alf Engen Ski School & all Alta Ski Shop locations. Because your Sunnyside At 3 card is attached to a credit or debit card, you or your children can use the card to pay for on-mountain food. No need to send the kids out with cash or a credit card, just have them charge purchases on their Sunnyside At 3 Card.

Yes. Your Sunnyside At 3 Card also allows free skiing on Albion lift when it is in operation (typically holidays and peak-season weekends). You also have access to Supreme, Sugarloaf, Wildcat or Collins lifts. Your Sunnyside At 3 Card is direct-to-lift via RFID technology and is attached to a credit or debit card. Your card will automatically be charged for the corresponding ticket upgrade, less the 20% discount.

Refunds will not be given if you accidentally ride another lift.

The Sunnyside At 3 Season Card allows you direct-to-lift access to the Sunnyside lift. Please note that this product is required to be tied to a credit card. The pass is $69 at the ticket window or $59 if purchased online.