Young skiers enjoy the SKE-cology interactive exhibits on the slopes of Alta Ski Area


Learn about Alta's mountain ecology on skis.

Recreational Learning on skis.

Hidden throughout the trees off the Sunnyside and Albion lift runs, this hide-and-seek type program is a great way to get your kids interested in the mountain environment while skiing. As a way to give back to our community through education, we have set out ten signs to be found by our younger skiers. The excitement of discovery and exploration is what keeps this program alive. Ske-cology takes education outside the classroom's four walls and turns the great outdoors into a multi-subject, educational and fun experience at Alta.

SKE-COLOGY was founded in the 1990s in partnership between the US Forest Service and Vail Mountain Resort, piloted with Alta Ski Area. The program was originally designed to be utilized by ski school groups and beginner skiers to help educate youth about mountain ecology. It has evolved to be a program to educate our community on local wildlife, habitat, and the Alta environment.

Trademarked SKE-COLOGY, we took the opportunity to revamp the program to read more specifically to Alta’s ecology. In doing so, we kept the vision of the original SKE-COLOGY program and framed the updated version to be easily replicated by any other ski area or park throughout the nation. Now the program can be customized to reflect the endemic wildlife of any state or mountainous region while maintaining the message and nomenclature of subjects in watersheds, recreational etiquette, conservation and more.

We have the entire program (except for the slopes and snow) available for download.


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